Title:Index of Structured Commons Enhancement Proposals
Last modified:2014-07-03 00:37:55 UTC (Thu, 03 July 2014)
Author:Structured Commons Technical Steering Committee
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The Structured Commmons Forum coordinates the development of the Structured Commons standards, methods, protocols and reference implementations. The Structured Commons development process is modelled after the Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) process [1].

This document indexes all Structured Commons Enhancement Proposals (SCEPs). When a new proposal is submitted, one of the editors assigns a SCEP number and updates this index appropriately. Each document has a number that never changes and the history of the document is maintained in git [2].

Final and Active Process SCEPs

Num Title
0 Index of Structured Commons Enhancement Proposals
1 The Structured Commons Enhancement Proposal Process
2 Sample reStructured Text SCEP Template

Draft SCEPs

The following SCEPs are under consideration for standardization.

Num Title
100 Structured Commons Model Overview
101 Structured Commons Object Model and Fingerprints
102 Certificates of existence
103 Standard filesystem representation method
104 Document handles and citation formats
105 Standard JSON representation method
106 Document formats suitable for "source" documents
107 Review objects, review bindings and review authentication